About us


Coming Copenhagen was founded in 2018 by Eva Sofie Falk, and it's for all you amazing animal lovers.
We respect and support animal rights, and we promote a cruelty-free lifestyle by finding alternative materials to make beautiful and functional quality bags at an affordable price point


We are fully vegan, and certified by PETA and PETA business Friends


You may ask "what is so great about vegan bags?" and the answer would be EVERYTHING! Everything because vegan means cruelty-free, and it allows millions of animals to live happily without being slaughtered for their skin. With more and more information than ever on how the animal agriculture and leather industries are environmentally destructive and cruel to animals, combined with all the innovative and gorgeous vegan bags on the market, there’s really no reason to buy animal-based leather anymore


At Coming Copenhagen we have options that fit your lifestyle, budget, and love for animals


Our bags are made by skilled artisans with only the finest non-animal materials. The bags look and feel like tradtional leather and suede, and at the same time they protect the animal world