Cleaning and caring for your bags is easy! To maintain your bags in the best condition possible, follow the tips below

Have you recently purchased a gorgeous vegan leather handbag? First off, congratulations! You’ve made an ethical buying choice, without sacrificing your amazing style. Because vegan leather is made to mimic animal-based leathers, the care instructions are similar on many points, but a lot simpler. To keep your bag in the best condition possible, you’ll want to follow the instructions below on how to care for your vegan leather bags


  • Store your bag in a cool dark room, inside of a dust bag or pillowcase
  • Rotate which handbag you carry regulary instead of using the same one every day, and be mindful of the weight you carry in your bag. For example, avoid overloading your bag with heavier items (such as a laptop) on a daily basis.
  • Use our cosmetic bags and pouches for makeup, pens, and miscellaneous items to maintain the inside lining of your bag clean
  • Stuff your handbag with tissue or old newspaper to maintain its shape
  • Store your handbags by laying them upright or flat, this helps avoid adding extra stress on straps or seams


  • Store your handbag in a hot room with direct sunlight
  • Stack your bags on top of each other when storing them, this could cause damage to structured bags, scratches, and/or dents
  • Store your bags inside a plastic or vinyl bag, this could lead to plastic or vinyl sticking to the vegan leather or mildew growth due to moisture build-up
  • Hang your handbags to store them
  • Overstuff your bag, be cautious of the weight you carry in your bag. This helps preserve the strap and seams
  • Don’t put your bag in the washing machine

How to clean vegan leather & nylon

To maintain your bag in the best condition possible, follow the tips below
  1. Empty out the bag/cosmetic bag
  2. Mix water with a small amount of mild dish soap or mild laundry detergent 
  3. Dip a soft white cloth into the mixture (using a white cloth can help prevent any color transfer to the bag)  
  4. Test the mixture on a small portion of the handbag or the strap if possible. Make sure there’s no discoloration before applying the mixture to the actual stain
  5. Gently wash the stain by hand using the cloth
  6. Let your bag air dry completely. If you put the bag away before it is dry, you could end up with mold and bacteria growth in the surface. If placed outside, make sure it is out of direct sunlight

Maintain your dry-waxed canvas

A waxed canvas bag can handle any adventure you throw its way. It takes all the best features of canvas and then adds some valuable features
It can receive water on the surface, but not soak in. The main feature of waxed canvas is its durability. It’s naturally water-resistant, it’s breathable, and over time, the waxed canvas can even develop a patina
Waxed canvas bags look better the more you use them, and the scuffs and marks they pick up along the way add character

Wash sparingly, and enjoy the adventures!


  • Lightly scrub away dried mud or dirt with a soft-bristled brush
  • Try plain (cold) water before using soap
  • Use cold water and a small amount of mild soap (not detergent) when needed
  • Rinse away any soap and allow the canvas to air dry


Using any of the below methods will break down the wax coating, compromise the finish and water resistance, and leave you with a plain canvas bag