We all know what a nightmare it can be to keep a makeup bag clean. Fortunately, all bags and makeup bags from Coming Copenhagen comes with a washable lining, and you don't need to clear your Saturday schedule to do it

Here is what you do;

Empty out your makeup bag, flip it inside out if the model allows this, and use makeup wipes or your favorite cruelty free dish wash soap to clean the inside. While you are at it, swirl your makeup brushes in a mixture of dish soap, and olive oil. Work the wet brush into the mixture, rinse thoroughly and squeeze excess water out. Prop brush handle higher than bristles as brush air dries. And voila, In a matter of seconds your makeup bag and brushes are spotless!



Don't forget to ditch old makeup products. Natural and organic cosmetics expire even faster than other products because they don't contain preservatives like parabens, and this means the shelf life of your organic products shortens. Using an expired beauty products could cause skin infections, breakouts, dry skin, and eye infections